About Us

My love of dogs began as a pre-teen when we brought home our first Bichon Frise.  We began AKC showing a couple years later, and from then on had a “house full” of dogs and puppies.  Somewhere around the year 2001 the cover of the AKC Gazette captured my attention when I saw a dog I had never seen before.  It was a beautiful, silky, long haired dog called a Havanese.  I flipped to the article to find out more and was in love right away!  To make a very, very long story short, I convinced my mom to look into showing and breeding them too and Court Jester Havanese began!  
My mom and her Bichon girls
Her first Havanese was a beautiful black with the silvering gene.  She was such a bouncy, lovable clown and was the reason the name Court Jester came to be.  Havanese are such a joy to watch with their antics and silly nature.
CH. Jubo-Lees Prancing Court Jester (Ebony)
Jump forward many years later and my family and I are now on our own journey with these wonderful Havanese.  My mom is retired from her years of showing and breeding champions (but very much a help to me), my five children are growing up too quickly and my yearning to raise dogs myself could not be ignored anymore.  In honor of my mom I am carrying on the name Court Jester Havanese.  I do not currently show them, but I strive to breed from champion lines, and champion quality dogs.  Health testing is also important to me to avoid passing on genetic health issues as best as possible in this imperfect world.  I believe in preserving this amazing breed and only breed purebred Havanese.  I look forward to placing a snuggly, silly, sweet, puppy in your family so that you too can experience the joy and companionship these pups bring.