Available Puppies

We have available puppies!

Please fill out my puppy application and contact me for more information.

1 Black Male and 1 Black Female with white markings ready to go home.   Parents Jaina and Pedro.  $2500

Black Girl with white markings.  She is a sweetheart that loves to sit in your lap and chomp on a toy.  She loves hugs and snuggles and has plenty of puppy zoomies at playtime.  Her favorite spot when not in a lap is on top of the kennel in their pen to get a closer view of what we are doing or in hopes I am getting her next meal!  haha

Black Boy with white markings.  He is a sweetie that loves to sit in your lap with a toy, but also has plenty of puppy energy to burn.  A little on the spunky side, but very attentive to us and wants to be picked up all the time.  He is a very curious little boy that loves to squeeze through the kitchen gate and explore the world beyond, aka the rest of the house.  haha