New Arrivals January 20, 2023!

We are so delighted to announce Sapphire delivered 6 beautiful chocolate babies January 20, 2023.  She was amazing.  We are so proud of her!  We are now taking deposits.  2 Girls and 2 boys are available!  Please fill out the puppy application to be considered for a puppy! 

Puppies Expected in January 2023!

We are so excited to welcome Sapphire and Merit’s puppies the end of January 2023!  Sapphire is a beautiful black doll with silver legs and Merit is a chocolate parti AKC champion.  Sapphire carries the chocolate gene from her daddy, so it is very possible we may have some sweet little bon bons!  Only time will tell!

What is a Havanese?

What is a Havanese? They are small non-shedding (though hair does fall out just like us or when playing rough with other dogs) companion dogs which come in many colors. They are wonderful, playful, happy, little clown dogs who wiggle & waggle, twirl & swirl, bounce & pounce, smile & woo, woo, woo, their cute little personalities into our hearts to delight and entertain us. They roll on their backs for a belly rub from family, friends and even strangers. They race around the house and yard “flying” through the air. They flip and toss and chase their toys for hours of fun. If there is no one around to entertain, they entertain themselves. Their silly, playful antics will have you laughing in delight and amusement. They nestle themselves in your lap and look at you with adoring eyes. They love you, they seek to please you. They follow you everywhere. They are your best 4 legged friend. They look into your eyes and touch your soul. Their love is genuine and life lasting. They are funny little jesters. They are an extraordinary breed of dog. They will play for hours with children or sit in your lap or by your side. They adjust and adapt themselves to every age and every circumstance.
Do they have any negative traits? They are watchdogs. They want the whole world to see them and know they are there and think every visitor has come to see them! They sometimes eat things we humans don’t appreciate. They like to pull the stuffing out of their toys! Puppies can be a little “rough” with very small children, treating them like their littermates.  Nonetheless, they make wonderful family pets and can be trained to be gentle with very little ones just like any puppy. They are companion dogs also nicknamed the velcro dog and prefer NOT to be left alone for hours. Being left for too long can create separation anxiety.  Boredom can also result in misbehavior!
How often do they need grooming? Havanese have hair and not fur, therefore their hair grows long and may need trimming if you own a pet Havanese. Show Havanese are not trimmed at all except around their feet and the inside corners of their eyes. A pet Havanese can be kept in long or short hair. Havanese hair is soft and silky and needs to be brushed and combed regularly. You can tie their hair up on their heads to keep the hair out of their eyes or for a pet you can trim the hair away from their eyes. A pet can be kept in long hair until 9-10 months. Around 10 months of age their hair starts changing from puppy hair to adult hair. This change makes them very susceptible to matting and you may notice more hair being left on your clothing. This propensity to mat lasts through the change from puppy hair to adult hair. You may groom your pet Havanese yourself or have your dog professionally groomed.