Havanese come in a rainbow of beautiful colors and markings including some that are just irresistible.  Known as color changing dogs, many begin changing from birth and continue on well into late adulthood!  When you pick a puppy, please do not pick just for the color because it may not stay that way!

The AKC recognizes the following as Standard Colors:



Black Brindle





Gold Brindle

Gold Sable


Red Sable

Red Brindle


Silver Brindle

Black and Tan

Black and silver

Not on their list is the Chocolate Sable which I have personally seen in quite a few puppies here and around the world.

Havana Brown has also not made it to their list, but we have had this color in puppies born to us.  They look black at birth, but in a few days we see a mahogany/brown hue in their entire coat in all lighting.  They are not chocolate because they have black pigment in their nose and halos.  Also, not to be confused with the silvering gene in black puppies that looks like a red hue in sunlight and they will eventually turn silver or salt and pepper.

Another color not on their list and is actually considered a disqualification in the breed, meaning cannot be shown in conformation, is the dilute color blue.  It is a stunning rare color, with light pigment and typically a blue/gray/violet colored nose.

AKC Recognized Standard Markings:


Irish Pied

White Markings

Cream Markings

Silver Markings

Tan Points

Silver Points

Parti Belton

To learn more about the amazing Havanese colors I recommend the following website.  It is one of my absolute favorites regarding color and markings with a wonderful gallery.