Our Russian Salon Girls and Boys

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We are proud and delighted to have the first Russian Salon Dog ever in NC!  Starling is the sweetest little lap dog and princess, aka prissy little diva, hence the name of our breeding program.  It’s all about our precious baby and she knows it!  Her favorite place is snuggled close in our arms sleeping.  She has adorable spunky play and a self-assuredness in seeking out adventure and fun.  We love this little girl so very much!!  She is more fun than we ever could have imagined.  

Starling is a red Sable and will lose all the black coloring as an adult.  She is a stunning little beauty.

RSDRA registered

Raven is a sweetheart of a little girl that melts when touched.  She just wants to be loved 24/7 and have tummy rubs round the clock.  She is full of bouncy energy and loves to zoom around our home with a toy, then be snuggled when tuckered out.

Raven is black with white markings.

RSDRA registered