The Enchanted World of Russian Salon Dogs

The Russian Salon dog breed began over 25 years ago.

The breed was developed in Russia in 1996 and in 2016 it was successfully presented to the public at the World Cynological Championship in Moscow, Russia and recognized by the RKF.

The main idea of creating the breed was to obtain a classical exterior of miniature gentle decorative dogs of various colors, with erect ears, a rounded head, soft flowing long-hair and a pleasurable complaisant character, which are suitable for all size homes.

Russian Salon dog owners often prefer the abbreviation – “RUSALKA” or Mermaid. This comes from the first and last syllables of the Russian Name for the breed: RUsskaya SALonnaya sobaKA (Russian Salon Dog).

The Russian Salon dog is a cheerful and compact friend, pleasant companion and not very difficult to care for. This dog combines all the best features of its foundation breeds with excellent health. The hair of the dogs can be cut short as well as left in the natural long length. Both lengths can participate in exhibitions, due to the breed standard.

Since the coat of Russian Salon dog varies wide in color, this particular point has been adopted as the criterion for distinguishing between the two varieties of the breed: red color group and all other colors. These two varieties are exhibited and judged separately and can each be awarded. But the only non-standard color in the breed is the black and tan like that of the Yorkshire Terrier, one of the foundation breeds.

-cited from the Russian Salon Dog Club of America’s website